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Zapier Tasks vs Integromat Operations

Aug 23, 2021

Can you save money by switching from Zapier to Integromat for your automation needs?

At first glance, Integromat seems much less expensive, but it's important to note exactly how these two tools actually count automated processes. Zapier uses a metric they call "tasks" and Integromat uses "operations."

Not understanding the difference between how these things are tabulated can result in some unexpected automation bills - so in this video I walk through the important differences. Perhaps most importantly, I detail how you can build "smarter" automation to take advantage of the lower price point of Integromat.

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So in short? YES! Integromat can save you money each month with less expensive automation. But, you have to approach your automation from the right way to begin with, or it could have some unexpected consequences for your bottom line!


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