Which is best for me: Page Designer or Formstack?

I often get asked questions about the Page Designer block in Airtable. If you need to build some reports, documents, or otherwise visualize the records in your database, you have likely explored this popular Airtable block.

But, as is true with all software, there are limitations to be aware of. The Page Designer Block, while it is a fantastic and ingenious tool, is not always the best way to produce automated documents from your Airtable database. Of course, whether it suits your specific needs or not is entirely case dependent. If you use the Page Designer Block will depend largely on the specific process and requirements that you have. That said, rest assured that if you find that you require more advanced document features, there are incredible opportunities available that integrate beautifully with your Airtable database. In this example, I'll be specifically discussing a third-party software called Formstack.

The limitations that I detail in my video are:

  1. Page Elements don't resize dynamically
  2. The user interface is tough to navigate
  3. The document length isn't dynamic
  4. Hardly any automation with the block
  5. Can't capture signatures

So, if you're struggling to get the Page Designer Block set-up and one or more of these limitations pertains to your use case, you might consider checking out Formstack for a more seamless document integration.

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