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What is "no code" or "low code"?

Apr 25, 2022

The next generation of software is here. In fact, it has been here for years! "No code" or "low code" software allow anyone to create custom apps and workflows without needing to ever write a line of code. This is revolutionary for businesses and organizations, because it allows for faster deployment and cheaper costs!

In this video, I go into my definition for no code tools. I start by detailing the three pillars for any no code app development. In my experience, I've noticed that all no code apps contain elements of these three parts. Very often, requirements from one pillar will be lighter than others. The depth of needs in each pillar will dictate the tools you'll want to use in each case. But for any project, you'll want to thoroughly consider these three pillars!

In this video, I mention my favorite tools for every pillar, namely:

  • Airtable for data storage
  • Make for workflow automation
  • Softr for front-end interface

For the second half of the video, I detail the steps for deploying any soluiton. We move from planning to development to support - any project, no matter the size, will go through these phases, so be mindful of where you are in the process of no code deployment!

And, if you're ready to start building without code, grab my free automation training here! 👇


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