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Using Open AI to write Airtable formulas

Mar 06, 2023

After hearing more about ChatGPT, I was curious about how smart it is. So I'm going to run it through three different challenges to see how well it builds Airtable Formulas. So you're about to see if I'm going to be put out of work by a robot. Let's find out together!

In this lesson, I perform three challenges for ChatGPT to see how well it writes Airtable Formulas. I have it create a formula for calculating line items in an Airtable Base. You'll see how it can also build a line item total formula. I also have it create a very complicated conditional taxable line item formula. You'll also see some of the small changes you will need to make to have ChatGPT build a formula with the correct syntax. 

In this video we’ll discuss:

  • Creating a formula for calculating line item totals
  • Writing a formula in ChatGPT
  • Chat GPT’s Formula
  • Fixing errors and what Gareth would do differently
  • Request for Line item Total formula
  • ChatGPT’s Multiply Formula
  • Trying to fix ChatGPT’s error
  • Formula to consolidate invoice number and name
  • ChatGPT’s concatenate formula
  • The difficult challenge
  • ChatGPT’s Taxable Line item formula
  • How to get more help!

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