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Using Automations to Create New Tasks

Jan 18, 2021

A very popular question I get regarding task management in Airtable is about creating new tasks that automatically get assigned to team members, based on a template. While there are a number of ways to do this (including a more advanced approach using an Airtable Script), I prefer to build automations directly inside of Airtable. The steps are straightforward, and editing the automation in the future is a breeze. Furthermore, the best part about this is the ability to create different "templates" of tasks, depending on which type of project is added to the database.

<<Grab the Template for this video here>>

The main concept here is that each automation we build is specific for a particular type of project. In many cases, businesses have multiple services or offerings - in these cases the tasks are unique to the project type (more advanced or expensive offerings tend to have more tasks). So to address this, we build one automation for each different type of project, that creates the unique set of tasks for that project.

In this video, I walk through setting up these tasks so that you can pass through the following vital information:

  1. What project is the task assigned to?
  2. Who is in charge of each task?
  3. When is each task due to be completed?
  4. What is the name of each task?

Check out this video, and don't miss the accompanying template. Remember, if you create your tasks automatically, you never have to worry about forgetting something!


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