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Using Airtable Sync

Sep 17, 2020

The future is looking very bright for Airtable. Not only did they receive another round of investment at $185M this week, they also released some incredible new features. The most anticipated of these is arguably what they have dubbed Airtable Sync. This new tool gives us the ability to connect data across our Airtable bases (databases)!

If you find yourself creating the same tables in each of your Airtable bases, you will certainly want to put this new feature to work. Airtable Sync requires that you designate one database as the 'source' of your data, and your related databases can display records from that source. Check out this tutorial exploring this feature, and don't miss the two 'pro' tips that show you (1) how to open the source record with a button and (2) how to set your data up for automation success!


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