Using Airtable as a CRM


Airtable makes a great CRM due to the flexibility that it provides. Since no two businesses are exactly the same, isn't it odd that we use static tools to track our customer data? For this reason, I think building your own CRM inside of Airtable is a worthwhile endeavor - it will force you to analyze your business processes and create the optimal data structure to support YOUR business.

In this video I walk through the steps you can take to set up the beginning of a CRM in Airtable. For my example, I imagine a service-based business with projects and tasks. I go through the steps of setting up these tables and connecting (or linking) them back to my customer information.

The best part about Airtable is the flexibility of the tool - whatever you can imagine can be buiilt with the database building blocks that Airtable has provided. What processes or workflows can you optimize with a tool like this?

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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