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User Permissions for Airtable Interface Designer

Oct 24, 2022

Limiting the data seen by users is a long-standing frustration for Airtable users. Previously this required fancy work arounds and third-party software. But with the ground breaking new features that Airtable announced this month, this problem is now easy to solve direclty in the Airtable platform!

In this tutorial I walk through how to create a portal for internal teams to view data living in an Airtable base. The portal is built quickly using Airtable's Interface Designer and is customized to share information that pertains to the logged in user. I walk through how to establish filters that include the user, as well as how to share the interface with them. Lastly, I also showcase how to start assigning records to new users so they can get immediate access to relevent information.

Airtable's new features unlock a trove of possibilities. Check it out here! Plus when you're ready to start getting more from your no-code tools, I welcome you to learn the building blocks of automation. Grab my free trainingšŸ‘‡


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