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Syncing Airtable with Calendars

May 03, 2021

A lesser discussed Airtable feature is their ability to sync to one or more calendars. Currently, this feature is available only for Google Calendar users, although more options may become available in time.

This sync is very similar to the Airtable Sync feature that connects to another Airtable database. In both cases, you start with one source for the data and you then create a reflection of that data inside of Airtable. In the case of an Airtable Calendar Sync, your data source is Google Calendar and the data is brought into Airtable. However, you cannot edit that data directly in Airtable - instead the data must be edited at the source level (inside Google Calendar).

Another exciting feature is the ability to sync multiple calendars into one table. Ultimately, this allows you to stay up to date with a team or department schedule. By syncing everyone's calendar in Airtable, there is one place to go to see overall availabiltiy for the team.


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