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Steps for Building a No Code App

Mar 23, 2020

These are uncertain times - that much is undeniable.

There are so many questions and fears that I continue to hear echoed on social media. For many of those questions, I don't have good solid answers - however, there are some questions that I have personally worked to solve for the past several years...

How do I transition my business to work remotely?

How can I work more efficiently?

How can I do more, with less?

Going remote is a big challenge for many businesses - especially if you're forced to do this all in one fell swoop. Over the past few years we've helped numerous clients build their own automated databases and in this post, I'm taking a step back to outline our process into four simple steps.

Every time we build something, we follow this vital framework.

It's easy to want to roll-up your sleeves and to start building a database from scratch. But you'd do yourself a disservice if you didn't start with an extensive mapping process. This leads us to...

Step 1: Map Your Process 

From here, you'll want to take a moment to clearly identify your various sets of data. Without knowing what data talks to what other data, you're going to struggle to build the proper database structure. So we need to...

Step 2: Identify Your Datasets

Now that the datasets are figured out and relationships between data have been considered, it's time to build the dang thing. This leads to...

Step 3: Achitect Your Database

There are a few different online databases at your disposal. When making this choice, consider the importance of remote teams and having access to your data from anywhere with an internet connection. From there, once the structure is built, you can move on to...

Step 4: Automate All The Things

It wouldn't be much of a remote 'app' if you didn't have automation to support your workflow. This step is where you'll build the necessary logic to connect your various cloud-based software and get everything working with your central database.


Yes, times are uncertain, but I'm filled with hope for our future as I watch more and more businesses transitioning to a remote operation. Along with this, I continue to see the adoption of new tools and technology to facilitate our new reality. We have this opportunity to show resilience and spend time to improve our systems.

I hope this helps you on that path.


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