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Softr vs. Stacker - comparing these two front-end options - updated for 2022

Feb 28, 2022

Are you looking to create a unique front-end for your Airtable data?

Interfaces are a critical element for most no-code solutions that we build. Airtable helps us store the data and organize it in an optimal way. Automations then allow us to build a streamlined workflow that saves time. Then we get to the biggest hurdle of all: How are we going to share this data with others?

If you are sharing it with your internal team, the easiest option is to create an interface inside Airtable. However, this solution doesn't work for everyone because interfaces in Airtable give full access to your database! 😱

So the next logical choice is to expore other software options that can help with this front-end element. Two of the biggest companies in this space are Stacker and Softr - but which option is best for you? What differences are there between the tools?

In this video I break all this down - I detail the pricing models, the flexibility of the UX, and the different features.

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