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Smarter Charts in Softr

Apr 15, 2022

Grouping your data in Airtable is important for data visualiziation. Not only can we draw smarter insights from Airtable, but we also get the ability to create better charts and graphs in Softr! In this video, I walk through the steps of creating an automated process that keeps your database properly synced with an aggregation table. Don't let all these big words scare you - it's actually pretty simple!

In short, this process keeps our data grouped in a secondary table. This automated grouping allows us to develop deeper insights by way of ROLLUP fields - we can sum our transactions or calculate averages with a few simple steps! From here, it's an easy process to add these outputs on our new and improved Softr Charts!

Plus, when you're ready to start building your own automations, check out my free training here! 👇


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