Save time with email automation: 3 examples

Email is such a big part of how we conduct business today, but many emails that we send are repetitive things that can be automated! In fact, email automation is one of the fastest ways that you can start to save time in your business.

In this tutorial, I walk through three of the most common types of email automation that you can build with Airtable. This comes down to three types of triggers that you can utilize that will initiate your automated email. Specifically, I outline the following triggers:

  1. Form Response Received
  2. New Status Selected
  3. Date/Time Sensitive

In these examples, I walk through how you might structure your data, but more importantly, how you can build each automation trigger to send out your emails.

Follow these steps to start exploring email automation today - you may be amazed at how much time you're able to save yourself by just adding a few email automations to your workflow!

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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