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Rollup and Lookup Fields in Airtable - including conditional settings

Nov 07, 2022

Linking tables is one feature that helps Airtable stand out. With links, creators reduce redundant data entry because everything lives in your database in just one place. But, for those times when you need to access information from a linked table, how do you bring in the relevant information? For these cases, we rely on Lookup and Rollup fields!

Lookup fields allow us to access linked records and bring data in specific fields. Rollup fields work the same, with the extra bonus of being able to perform an aggregation function - for example you can calculate the sum or average of several numbers.

This training starts by showcasing the use of a simple Rollup field. From there, we then expand to build a conditional Rollup that only uses some of our records. Lastly, we look at an advanced use case that calculates the most recent date and allows us to bring back the information for only our newest data.

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