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Organize Revenue with Automation and Airtable

Sep 17, 2019

Revenue. One of the most exciting words to business owners. It’s the fuel in our engines of change and the catalyst for a better life. Without revenue, every business would be little more than a shell of ideas and good intentions.

Why then do so many businesses neglect to pay attention to their revenue? Putting it simply, failing to track revenue is like sailing a ship without a compass. You’ll never get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are.

But, revenue tracking doesn’t have to be a complicated part of your business. In fact, one automation is all it takes to update your pipeline and record electronic payments!


In this video, we outline the structure that you might build in your database to track your payments. We start with a simple, three table solution that tracks Contacts, Opportunities, and Payments. Once we’ve built the underlying structure, we can then turn our focus to the automation.

The four step automation that we showcase can be modified as needed. For our purposes, we pull data from an order placed in Kajabi (step 1). From there, we use the email address that placed the order to find the corresponding record in the Opportunities table (step 2). This allows us to update the status of the opportunity (step 3). Finally, we record the payment in our Payments table and connect the payment back to the corresponding Opportunity.

Check back next week as we expand on this solution and build a dashboard that gives us instant insights into our pipeline and revenue!


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