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My 3 Favorite Airtable Extensions (and how to use them)

Aug 08, 2022

Extensions are a feature that helps you unlock more power from your Airtable base. In this tutorial, I'm reviewing my three favorite extensions, as well as providing examples for using them so that you can get started quickly.

 Extension #1: CSV Import

There's a great chance that you've needed to import data quickly in your Airtable base. Even better if that data is given to you in a CSV or other Excel file. In this case you can use the CSV Import Extension to drag/drop your file, map it inside your Airtable base, and with a simple click, import all your records.

Extension #2: Schema Map

Have you been assigned to a new Airtable base within your organization, but you're not really sure how it works? The Data Schema Extension will create a schema for you to get a holistic view of your overall database. What tables connect where? What fields are related through Lookups or Rollups? This extension will show you a nice visual to help you make sense of it all.

Extension #3: Scripting

Scritping is arguably the most powerful Airtable Extension. It truly took Airtable from the no-code space into the low-code space. While writing a script may be tricky for non-coders, Airtable has a great template library set up and anyone can start using these templates to unlock more power from Airtable.

I hope you get a ton of value from these extensions - plus when you're ready to leverage more automation to help you reclaim your time, check out my Automation Training here! 👇👇


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