Mastering the Basics of Airtable with 3 Quick Tips


Although Airtable looks and feels like a spreadsheet, there are some fundamental differences in how the software works. Without adjusting your thinking from spreadsheet mode to database mode, you probably won't tap the full potential of Airtable. In this video, I walk through my top three tips for making the transition to Airtable.

Tip #1 is about how to use tables in Airtable and how they differ from tabs in a spreadsheet. I go into detail about using tables to represent sets of data and how that will make the database more streamlined.

Tip #2 relates to the Primary Field - this is the leftmost field in each table. I go into my two rules for my preferred naming convention, and I also discuss the importance of the record ID, a piece of metadata automatically generated for each record.

Tip #3 is all about leveraging Views in Airtable. This is a unique feature that spreadsheets don't offer, so understanding how a view works really enhances your database creations and allows you to work more efficiently.

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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