Manage Content in Airtable (and Autocreate Tasks from a Template)


As someone who leverages the power of YouTube, I know firsthand how content marketing can help grow a company. But producing content has a LOT of moving pieces and it can be difficult for a team to stay connected and on task. Fortunately, Airtable has features that make it an excellent option for content marketers.

One of the best features is to autocreate tasks based on the type of content you're producing. This is especially important for content production, because the type of tasks are different for the type of content you produce. For example, creating a video for YouTube has a very different process than creating a podcase episode. So, how can you make sure that all tasks are created properly without letting anything slip through the cracks?

Airtable has solved this problem by creating a custom script that anyone can implement in their database (pro users and up). This script will prompt you to set up your tables and fields, and once you're all set, it creates your tasks with the push of a button. In this video, I walk through the steps to building this database and then implementing the script. I then go through some examples of using the script to get new tasks created with the push of a button!

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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