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Improve your Workflow with the Interface Designer

Nov 29, 2021

The Interface Designer is a new Airtable feature that allows us to present our data in crisp new ways. But, how does this help with the underlying goal of streamlining our workflows? As it turns out, it helps in a huge way!

In this tutorial, I walk through an interface that I built internally for GAP Consulting as I work with my assistant to update and revise our course. Naturally, I start the conversation by explaining the data structure, but then move into the interface that I built to support our specific workflow.

In my case, I use four unique interface layouts to track records that are in specific phases of work. Then, as work is completed within each phase, a simple checkbox is marked which triggers an automation. This automation works to update the status of the record, which in turn moves it to the next interface layout in the sequence.


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