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How to use SmartSuite formulas - includes advanced features

Sep 26, 2022

I recently stumbled across a new no-code tool called SmartSuite and it is changing the way I think about creating solutions. In some ways SmartSuite seems similar to other software in the no-code space. However, one area where things differ is in their more advanced Formula Field.

Formulas comprise a substantial part of most no-code solutions, so understanding how these functions and operators work is a critical success factor for becoming proficient in a software. Where SmartSuite really shines is in their advanced dot notation. This allows the solution creator to access fields inside a linked relationship for more complex formulas.

In this tutorial I break down a simple data schema and create three formulas for this solution. We start with a simple multiplication formula, but quickly get into more advanced scenarios including SUM and SUMIF formulas. In addition to writing these formulas in the tutorial, I also highlight SmartSuite's "cheatsheet" to help you create better formulas. Check it out and start exploring SmartSuite formulas today!

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