How to use Apps in Airtable

Is the "Pro" plan in Airtable worth it? One of the best features that's available with this paid plan is the ability to install "Apps" in your Airtable databases. While the capabilities of all the various apps are too much to discuss in one tutorial, in this video I walk through how to navigate the Apps Marketplace and detail how to access various apps that have been built by Airtable, other software companies, and even from low-code developers in the Airtable community.

Be sure to stick around for the end of this video where I discuss my thoughts for where apps can go from here. I share my ideas for what I'd like to see that will, I believe, make Airtable apps a more attractive platform for developers to focus on. Of course, the more developers who are creating tools for this platform, the better the app offerings, which leads to an improved experience for every single Airtable user!

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