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How to Trigger Airtable Automations on a Specific Schedule

Dec 07, 2020

Every automation starts with a trigger - the set of conditions that must be met in order to "turn on" your automation. However, sometimes you need your automation to occur on a specific date or time. For example, perhaps you want to run a report on Fridays at 6pm, or maybe you want to send an email every Wednesday at noon. This type of trigger is often referred to as a "Scheduler," but setting this up in Airtable isn't as straightforward as you might suspect.

A quick glance at the trigger options within Airtable Automations will show that a traditional Scheduler Trigger is unavailable. However, with some creative tricks, we can build a fully functioning work around. This specific video post will walk you through the precise steps to establish a scheduled trigger in Airtable Automations that occurs on a recurring day of the week, at a specific time. While your schedule needs may vary (bi-weekly, everyday, etc.) the concept is the same and this tutorial will help your recurring automations trigger on time!


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