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How to Track Time and Labor in Airtable

Nov 23, 2020

Working with contractors can get complicated, especially when you ask them to submit their hours and timesheets. Not only that, but you also need to manage multiple rates over time, especially if you want to properly promote the best of your talent pool.

If tasked to build this in Airtable, our first inclination will often be to directly link a table of Rates to a table of Contractors - but you will quickly find that this solution fails to account for changing rates over time.

<<Get access to my template here>>

In this video, I walk through my template for tracking hourly contract labor. This template allows you to track multiple contractors against multiple rates. You can visualize the history of a contractor within your organization. Additionally, it includes a form so that contractors can submit their hours to you for your approval. These hours track against projects and only allow for currently employed contractors to be selected.

Make changes to this template as you see fit - remember this is the beauty of Airtable: you can build something that exactly serves your business needs!


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