How to Track Stocks in Airtable

Last week, history was made on Wall Street when a group of self-proclaimed degenerates banded together and sent GameStop's stock soaring. Regardless of your opinion and position, it's undeniable that this event has rippled through the financial world and inspired thousands, if not millions, of new investors. The effects of this will be written about in finance text books for decades to come.

There are a two big items to track in a stock database. Firstly, you'll want to know the value of your existing positions (any trades you're actively engaged in). Secondly, you'll want to track your brokerage account balance - that is, how much money you have in your account that's available for trading.

My personal favorite thing about this example is the ability to update the stock prices with real time data using a script and automation. Check the links below to find that scripting resource!

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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