How to Sync Airtable with Google Contacts

One of the most popular use cases for Airtable is to build a CRM to run your business. Practically all CRMs have a table that stores CONTACT data - names, emails, phone numbers... most business requires transactions between humans (I give you this, you give me that). However, your Airtable CRM isn't always the easiest thing to access. Perhaps your on the road and you want to call a client - or maybe your watching TV and you remember you need to send an email to a customer. Do you really want to open up your Airtable database in the Airtable phone app, just to find a phone number or email address?

A great time saver is to have this data synced with your phone already! As an Android user, this is a simple automation to connect Airtable to my Google Contacts. Now, any time information about my clients is added or updated in Airtable, my Google Contacts automatically update with the most current data. I walk through this automation in this week's tutorial video - step by step - to help you build the exact same automation for your own business!

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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