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How to Structure a Social Media Database

Jul 27, 2020

Social media has become something that practically every business needs to leverage in order to stay competitive. When speaking with clients, it's very common for them to tell me that they reached out because of our YouTube channel. In our case, using video to help with Airtable demonstrations is a critical component of our business, but of course it's not the only option. Businesses of all shapes and sizes produce content in an effort to help educate their customers.

Creating your content is merely the first step, however. Without a platform to promote your content, you will only get a fraction of the potential traffic and inquiries. To better promote your message you can choose from two options: paid or organic traffic. Although paid traffic is a great way to drive eyes to your website, in this post I'm focusing on building a database to automate your organic reach - specifically by creating and scheduling your social media posts from within an Airtable database.

In this two-part video, I walk through the connections built inside the database to properly link Guests, Podcasts Episodes, and Social Media Posts. Of course, not every business runs a podcast, but this structure can be adapted for any content marketing. From here, you can start to see how the pieces fit together. Not only will the end result provide an automated solution for social sharing, but it also has the added bonus of organizing all of your content assets in one place.

Stay tuned to the end to check out this automation in action. I'll be back soon with the conclusion of this video where I illustrate exactly how we can automate the creation of social media images from inside our database, as well as automate our social media posts to occur on the schedule that we establish in Airtable.


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