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How to Prefill Forms in Airtable

Mar 07, 2022

Prefilling forms is a common thing in Airtable. Maybe you have some of the info and want to save people time by prefilling it. Or, maybe you want your customers to confirm their info on file and rather than have them fill it out from scratch, you prefill it with the most recent data you have. There are so many ways to use them!

Fortunately, prefilling a form does not have to be complicated. The syntax for prefilling is fairly straightforward. For every field you wish to prefill, you simply add the following:

?prefill_FIELD+Name= or &prefill+FIELD+Name=

Which of these you use depends on whether this is the first field you've prefilled or not. The first prefilled field will always use the ?prefill option, where every subsequent prefilled field will use the &prefill option.

Check out the full video here to get all my tips (as well as review a massive limitation) for prefilled forms!

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