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How to Prefill and Hide Form Fields in Airtable

Mar 21, 2022

Airtable forms have allowed for fields to be prefilled for years, but that function has been limited. The most notable limitation is that (until recently) we couldn't HIDE fields on a form that were prefilled. This meant that if we wanted to prefill infomation for someone that we didn't want them to change, we ultimately couldn't do it with an Airtable form. Yes, we could prefill the information, but without hiding the field on our form, the user could still edit or change the data.

This is why the new feature release from Airtable is an exciting one! With a simple addition to our shared form URLs, we can now hide any fields that we don't want edited. This way, we capture "secret" information in our forms that is never seen by our end users! Pretty cool, right?

This tutorial walks through how to implement these hidden fields in your form. I walk through building the formula with step-by-step instructions to help break this down into manageable pieces. In addition, I also highlight some important security and privacy concerns that you'll definitely want to account for if sharing sensitive data!

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