How to Filter Softr Data by User Email

It has long since been possible to add views to your Airtable base. These views can be uniquely crafted and shared with external parties to give them a chance to view their data. These features work very well, but they come with some downsides - namely:

  1. Each view must be created manually
  2. Many views can add clutter
  3. Views aren't as customizable as a webpage

In the case where Airtable users may be looking to eliminate one (or all!) of these downsides, a Softr user portal is the obvious option. Not only does Softr allow for you to create your own custom app using your Airtable data, but a newly minted feature in Softr now allows for you to conditionally format the data that each user sees. No longer will you need to build unique views for each user! Instead, each person in your database can log in to Softr and access just their specific projects, tasks, etc.!

This video showcases the steps to building this type of conditional filtering in Softr. I walk through the steps of setting up your Airtable base, connecting it to Softr, and then filtering the data to each unique users. Once you have this solution in place, it's easy to add new members to your app and they'll have instant access to their relevant data!

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