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How to Extract Text with the MID Formula in Airtable

Oct 30, 2020

Within an Airtable database, it's common to need to extract or "pull" text from a long string. There are many reasons you may want this, ranging from social media posts to contract creation. Luckily, the methodology for extracting the desired text is always the same: reference the string, find out where to start, and find a length of characters to extract.

Now sometimes, your starting position and length will be constant. If so, then this is a much easier formula to write! But, in the majority of cases, you'll want a dynamic variable for your starting position and length. In these cases, a more robust formula is required.

In this video, I walk through the two formulas that we will need to use in tandem to produce a dynamic output. Check it out and follow along in your own database to perfect your formula skills!


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