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How to Document Processes in Your Business with Airtable and Loom

Aug 26, 2019

At my last corporate job, one of my quarterly goals was to document the function of my role. Of course, this is a common request from employers… all organizations need the processes and procedures to be clearly mapped out. Requiring this allows for a more efficient organization; people can take vacation, quit, get promoted, etc. more seamlessly, allowing others to step in and fulfill new responsibilities.

However, the typical way of documenting these procedures is abysmally archaic. It typically involves a Word document with an abundance of captured screen images. These images typically have crudely painted arrows and other such alerts directing attention. All told, it’s a messy way to try to communicate.

What if, instead, we built these procedures using a real-time screen capture software and filed them away in a database? Well, that’s precisely what we accomplish in this video!


In this video, we create a very simple Airtable structure to house our processes and procedures data. Then, we turn to Loom to create procedural tutorials and we store them in the database. Most importantly, once the structure of the database is complete, we create unique views that can be accessed by various roles, departments, etc.

This approach to documenting your processes will serve you nicely on multiple fronts. Firstly, it’s more effective to watch training videos than it is to read through a tired Word document. Secondly, the creation of these procedures is exponentially quicker than the alternative. If you’re not already using a variation of this to document your business’s processes, consider making this upgrade ASAP!


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