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How to create insanely good SOPs and share them effortlessly

Apr 04, 2022

As teams grow, it's critical to document and share your procedures in an organized manner. Some of the software out there costs hundreds of dollars per month, but you don't have to invest that much in order to produce and share some terrific SOPs with your team.

In this tutorial, I use two tools: Loom and Airtable. Loom is the software that helps me capture my screen, webcam, and microphone as I film step-by-step instructions to walk through procedures. Airtable is the tool I'm using to store these videos and seamlessly share them with the appropriate team members.

This is a simple way to create and share some very detailed procedures. While I didn't cover it in my tutorial, there are some additional features from Loom that allow you to limit visibility of your videos, allow (or disallow) comments, and much more!


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