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How to Create Automated Images for Social Media

Dec 14, 2020

Images are a vital part of every social media post. Social media algorithms reward posts with high engagement, and including images with your posts is a key to ensuring that you get the online attention you deserve.

That said, a lot of social media images are derived from a template. For example, every thumbnail I create for YouTube comes from a template. Sure, there are changes for each image (color, verbiage, etc.) but the core of the image is the same...

And this is all by design! I want my images to have a specific look and feel so that when viewers see them online, they know two things: (1) this came from GAP Consulting and (2) they know what to expect when they click. This is intentional branding and you likely have a version of this in your own business as well.

But creating images from a template isn't a high-value task... I don't want to spend my time doing things that can be automated (and neither should you)! Check out this vlog to see how you can automate your image creation and organize approval collaboration for your images.


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