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How to Create and Manage Recurring Tasks in Airtable ⚡ Full Automation

Oct 31, 2022

Airtable is a great place to track your tasks so you can consistently do your best work. Many of the tasks we do on a daily basis are repetitive, so it's important to have a space where you can look at your day holistically and evaluate what needs doing!

In this tutorial I showcase how you can create sub-tasks in Airtable and relate them to main tasks. Furthermore, we solve the problem of recurring tasks by creating a recurring template and subsequent automation. The end result is a task list that is self-generating, depending on the rules you set up for your own schedule!

Note that this tutorial takes the perspective of personal tasks, but these same key concepts can be implemented for teams of any size! The main addition would be to incorporate an "assigned to" field at the sub-task level.

Get more organized with your tasks after watching this tutorial today! Plus, check out my free training below in order to learn the fundamentals of no-code automation... 👇


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