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How to Create a Membership App using Softr

Feb 15, 2021

In this post, I'm delving into more detail about Softr - specifically, I'll be showing you how I created a membership app (from scratch) in less than 30 minutes.

The first thing to explore in Softr is the left panel. This allows you to access your app's Pages, Blocks, Data, and Settings. I go into each of these categories in this week's video, but let's focus on the Pages and Blocks for now. Pages are all of the unique webpages within your app and Blocks are the pieces that you'll use to build your Pages. Blocks come in many sizes, shapes, and forms and this really gives you a robust level of customization for your app.

From here, you'll want to explore the privacy settings of a block. There is a great deal of flexibility here as well, but at the highest level you can determine if someone must be logged in to your app in order to see each block on your page. This way, you can build a truly dynamic app that has limited availability to non-logged in users. Please note that you can delve even deeper in your filters, allowing you to only permit paying users to see certain elements, or even filter elements based on user email addresses!

For me, the software took some time to get comfortable with, but the more I used it the more intuitive I found it to be. Let me know your thoughts on this powerful tool, and if you have specific requests for future videos!


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