How to Build an Email Funnel with Airtable

I struggle with business email in a big way – the main issues I have are as follows:

  1. I hate having multiple ‘systems’ in my business – why can’t everything happen from one place?
  2. Along those same lines, with a new system comes new procedures and practices… no thanks!
  3. The decision fatigue is real – there are so many Email Service Providers (ESPs) to choose from and everyone has their opinion about which is ‘best’
  4. Tagging emails addresses isn’t as simple as it should be in any ESP I ever explored

Look, I get that a lot of this is griping about small stuff and I should just get over it, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could just avoid having an ESP altogether? Imagine if everything in your business legitimately flowed from ONE PLACE!

Well, I don’t want to oversell this (I still use MailChimp folks…) but it’s 100% possible to build an email follow up sequence directly from an Airtable CRM. For this recipe, you’ll need:

  1. One Contacts Table
  2. One Opportunities Table
  3. One Pause Button
  4. One “Hours Since…” Formula
  5. And Unique Opportunity Views, to taste
 This week we go through the steps of building an email extension that never leaves your CRM! I’m not saying you’ll never need to create another email campaign again, but I am promising that your follow up sequence will be more easily customized and without the hassle of complex funnels and confusing list segments. For reals.

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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