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How to Assign Work in SmartSuite

Oct 10, 2022

SmartSuite presents some excellent solutions for team collaboration and task management. In this tutorial, I walk through how to use three options for assigning work to team members in the SmartSuite tool.

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The three options for assigning work are:

  1. Assign a Record
  2. Assign a Checklist Item
  3. Assign a Comment

This tutorial goes into details about the elements required for each of these options. Assigning a record, for example, requires a Due Date, Assigned To, and Status field types - whereas assigning a comment requires that you first @ reference someone in a conversation.

We also detail how to resolve work that's assigned, most commonly by viewing it in the "My Work" section of your account.

"My Work" is one of my favorite elements of SmartSuite because it makes collaboration and workflow management so simple and consolidated. Check it out for yourself!

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