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Google Doc automation from Airtable

Jun 20, 2022

Airtable recently released a new automation feature that enables the automatic creation of Google Docs! In this tutorial I break down the steps to creating an automation that uses this feature so that you can start implementing this new tool yourself.

In this example, I demonstrate how we can perform multiple searches in our Airtable base to find specific records. Once we've found these records, we can then create a Google Doc that includes specific data from those records, listed cleanly in a small grid on our doc.

In order to keep our Google Docs more organized, we store these new docs in a folder. However, to help find them even faster, I add a step to this automation that creates a log record of the report and includes the link to the specific report.

Check out this new feature and start building some of your own automated docs today! Plus when you're ready, check out my free training to learn the fundamentals of no-code automation! 👇


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