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Jan 06, 2020

Confession time...

For several months, our development team has been developing in a system other than Airtable **gasp**!

This might come as a shock, since we've built a name for our firm as Airtable Experts. But, as is true with all software - sometimes you need additional functionality. As I tell all my clients, Airtable is fantastic, but it has its limitations (what doesn't?)

So, we searched for a solution to these limitations and found Coda - and I've got to say, it does some really cool stuff. In this video, I want to share some high-level functionality of Coda in hopes that it piques your interest!

But what IS Coda? Well, Coda is "a doc" spelled in reverse. That is, the company re-imagined what a doc software would do if docs were created in 2020. The result is Coda - a software that feels like a doc, but functions like a relational database!

If you're interested in checking out Coda, you can do so here (referral link - don't feel obligated to use it)!

In this video, I showcase how to build tables in Coda and connect them. From there, I walk through the additional functionality that Coda offers by building a specific workflow into the doc. Essentially, this allows us to build an 'app' inside a doc - all without using a sliver of code!


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