Exploring the New Airtable Trigger by Zapier

Automation from Airtable is a powerful tool, but the software that it connects to is still limited. By contrast, Zapier allows us to connect to over 2,000 different software choices, making it a much more flexible tool. However, the ability to trigger automation between Zapier and Airtable effectively has been limited for years. Specifically, Zapier only triggered one time per record - leaving much to be desired. Well, that all changed recently, when Zapier launched its new automation trigger: "New or Updated Airtable Record!" 

This automation trigger allows Zapier to trigger every time a record meets specific new conditions. Imagine if you want to trigger an automation every time a box is checked (not just the first time). Or perhaps your trigger should be every time a new person is added to a project. These types of triggers were previously impossible to create inside the native Airtable/Zapier solution, but can now be built easily with the newest trigger!

Check out the simple example I outline in this video tutorial - I walk through the steps for building the trigger, including adding a "Last Modified Time Field" in Airtable. You can get incredibly precise with this new trigger, including an advanced (optional) feature of limiting the trigger to a specific view. Explore this new, powerful option and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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