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Everything You Need to Know about Airtable Forms

Jan 13, 2020

By default, Airtable is a relational database software. That's an important place to start, given that this post will be going into detail on Airtable Forms. Let's temper our excitement from the start - Airtable's purpose was never to create the most robust "form software" for the modern era. That said, they did include form functionality and the forms have some pretty cool use-cases.

Before building anything using Airtable Forms, it's important to start with an understanding of the software limitations. From my experience, there are three major considerations that should go into any form:

  1. Will I want to prefill data?
  2. Do I need to hide form answers?
  3. Will my form contain conditional logic?

Airtable's forms are a bit 'hit and miss' on these three topics, so understanding the value to these functions is a vital step in implementing good forms for your data.

Beyond these three questions, it's also good to know the different options that Airtable forms make possible. Will you want to list your data in a dropdown or checkbox format? How do you make fields 'required' by people using the form? I cover all this and more in this video!


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