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Custom CRM in Stacker | Build your own app with no code

Jul 19, 2021

The rise of no code front end tools like Stacker allow you to build your own custom app for your business. In this video I show how you can create a CRM in Stacker. I start with one of their templates that is built for Google Sheets, show you how to import that template into Airtable, and then set up the CRM for your users.

Helping to make this process even simpler is the new feature from Airtable that allows us to import data from a variety of data sources. This feature release didn't receive a lot of fanfare, but it's a streamlined process that helps a base come together very quickly. In this video, I give some helpful tips for importing your data from a 2-dimensional spreadsheet tool that will help you build those 3-dimensional linked relationships in your Airtable database.


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