Creating a Weekly Summary of Events

Someone in the forums recently asked about creating a weekly summary of events to be submitted in an automated email. If grabbing bulk data was possible within Zapier or Airtable automation, this would be a fairly easy thing to automate. However, bulk data isn't natively available to these platforms... so then how can we build an automated process?

The secret lies in linking these records to one summary record in another table. From there, you can use this summary to automate the rolled-up data and even break it out into subcategories. The final product can be completed without requiring any scripts or custom code. That said, more advanced features could leverage the power of Airtable scripts so that records are linked to the corresponding summary record.

Explore how we create this structure leveraging automation so that we never have to leave our database to get summarized updates!


Oh, and here's that nasty formula for calculating the Monday of each week:

DATETIME_FORMAT(IF(WEEKDAY({Date Due})>1,DATEADD({Date Due},-WEEKDAY({Date Due})+1,'days'),IF(WEEKDAY({Date Due})<1,DATEADD({Date Due},-WEEKDAY({Date Due})-6,'days'),{Date Due})),'l')

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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