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Creating a User Portal for Airtable

Mar 30, 2020

Airtable is so incredibly powerful, but like all software, it has some limitations. Possibly the largest of those limitations is being able to limit access for your users.

Yes, Airtable has provided us with four levels of permissions (Creator, Editor, Collaborator, Read-Only). So, when you share access to your database, of course you can select from these four permission levels to determine how other users will interact with your data. But, this is really only the first step to a series of more complicated problems.

What if you want to deny a user access to a specific table?

What if you want users to only edit certain fields?

What if you want limit the records that users see?

Thanks to the robust community of Airtable users, an incredible product has emerged that solves these problems and more: Stacker (formerly Airportal)!

Stacker is a software that connect to your Airtable database and allows you to create a user portal for your data. With it, you can brand your own portal with your company logo and brand colors, and users will feel like they are logging into your brand's specific database. From there, users will only have access to the data that's linked to their email address.

Want to hide tables? No problem!

Only want to show records that belong to a specific client/user/etc.? You can limit access at that level!

Need users to edit certain fields, view others, and hide some data as well? Each specific field can be made editable, viewable, or hidden depending on the user role.

In short, Stacker built a fully functioning front-end software to give access to your Airtable data. If you're running into trouble when it comes to sharing access to your database, this is a vital tool to have in your toolkit!


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