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Create a Custom Document and Submit for Signature

Aug 12, 2019

Many of the clients we work with are looking for highly unique and customized solutions. This is always fun, because it gives my team and I the chance to stretch and grow our automation skillset. However, there are also those automated processes that seem to be required for many businesses that we work with. One such example is the need for automated document creation.

Several months ago, I found a great software that allows users to create customized documents from a template doc. Certainly I’m not the only person who remembers the term “mail-merge?” It’s the process of taking a document template, adding ‘tags’ to the document, and then merging those tags with a spreadsheet or database, effectively creating many unique documents, each with the data of the individual rows or records. Thankfully, it has been years since I last used a mail merge. However, the process is something that we can easily replicate in the cloud today, using automation stemming from Airtable.

At the time I found the software, two other things happened at almost the same time:

  1. I learned of another, less expensive software that did the same thing for less money
  2. I promised I’d teach how to incorporate signatures with the process, but put it off for another time

Well, here we’re going to tackle both of those points in one fell swoop. I’m showing how to incorporate signatures in your automated documents, using Docupilot!


Not only do I tackle how to build an automation to create documents that are uniquely merged with specific data, but I also walk through the steps to send these documents to their recipients, asking for electronic signatures. If you could eliminate the need to manually create paperwork and to then send it out for signature – what would you do with your new found freedom?


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