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Button Automation: Trigger Automation from your Airtable Interface

May 09, 2022

Airtable recently released a new feature for Airtable Interfaces: the Button Element. This option allows you to drop buttons directly in your interface workflow, which each have the option of updating five fields within a record.

On the surface, this may sound like automation. While it's similar in some regards, the Airtable Interface Button offers limited actions compared to other buttons we've seen in the past - but we can find a way to supercharge it!

In this tutorial, I walk through two options for initiating automations from your Airtable Interface Buttons. I break down a simple example in Airtable and follow it up with a slightly more complex example using webhooks and Make.

Hopefully this can inspire you to create some powerful interfaces to streamline your own workflows. Plus, when you're ready to really lean into automation and leverage it for increased efficiency, check out my free Automation Training here! 👇


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