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Button Actions for Airtable Interface Designer ⚡

Aug 22, 2022

Airtable's Interface Designer continues to improve! Recently new actions were added to interface buttons. In this video, I walk through two of these new functions: Triggering an Automation and Directing to another Interface Page.

Triggering an automation was only possible previously with a convoluted work around. Now we can streamline this process and map the button directly to an automation!

We can also open links from an interface button. In this training I showcase how to navigate to another interface page, but we can also navigate to a hard-coded URL, or to a URL that's stored in our Airtable database.

Check out this training and start using these new button features today! Plus when you're ready to reclaim your time with the help of automation, grab my free training to learn the basics here! 👇


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