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Better Goal Planning with Airtable Interface Designer

Dec 27, 2021

It's that time of year again where we start to think about what we want the next year or quarter to look like. Setting goals is a big part of manifesting the life you imagine and it's one of my favorite exercises. Here in the our home, my wife and I sit down to plan our personal and professional goals every quarter - but the biggest and most important of these goal planning sessions is the one at the end of the year. It's this end of year session where we evaluate our performance over the past year and we begin to plan for the upcoming year. We talk about vacation plans, financial savings, business/professional goals... all of it!

This year, I've built out a simple Airtable Interface to help keep us on track. What I love about the interface is that it allows us to see data from multiple tables all in one place. Previously, we would have to flip between our different tables in Airtable - first look at the objective, and then flip into the actionable items that we'd focus on to reach that objectie. But with the new interface, there is no longer any flipping around from table to table - now we get all the related data in one easy-to-edit page.

What's more, I've also included some automation this year to remind me to check in on my goals more periodically. Throughout the year, it's common for me to get busy with work and I subsequently forget to pull myself out of the grind to look at the 30,000 foot view. With this simple automation, I hope to remind myself to focus on the big picture and goal planning throughout the year.

This is all showcased in this video tutorial - if you're looking for a better way to stay on track in the new year, I welcome you to join me. 🙌


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