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Better Data Insight with Airtable's Interface Desinger

Nov 22, 2021

For data nerds like me, staring at a spreadsheet with rows and columns is nothing short of an expected work environment. However, the new Interface Designer from Airtable makes the days of rows and columns obsolete. Now we can explore our data in a way that feels more natural and comprehensive (without squinting to see cells on a spreadsheet). 😲

In this video, I walk through some of the most common elements of the Interface Designer, specifically related to tracking projects against tasks and clients. The interface I use here is exploring those projects, but due to the connected nature of my data, I'm also able to see the related tasks and client data for each project.

Check these options out for some inspiration into building your own interface - of course we all have our own unique needs and data structure, so please adapt this framework to serve your specific use cases!


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