Automation for Updating Dependent Task Dates

A chain of events is a difficult thing to plan out when (as in most cases) things are subject to change. For this reason, I rarely attempted to build solutions with this level of granularity in Airtable. Specifically, TASKS usually rely on a dependency to be completed before they can begin. Like a row of dominoes, if one task gets removed or changed, the whole chain will suffer from performance issues and break.

Airtable Automations (a new Airtable feature allowing automated processes to be included directly in the Airtable environment) has changed the landscape in so many ways. Now, we can build a list of dependencies and add an automation to help keep all tasks synced.

In this video, I walk through building task dependency and an accompanying automation. The end result is a system that allows you to update one date within a list of tasks - all associated tasks then update accordingly. Save yourself time (and headache) by employing automations like this to your workflow!

Bonus! Here's the End Date Formula from the video:
IF(AND({Start Date},{Duration (days)}),WORKDAY({Start Date},{Duration (days)}))

Life is too short to fight with spreadsheets

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